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To Protect Innovation

Who are We

We are a boutique IP advisory firm providing full range of IP services. Our vision is to protect innovation. We are currently serving clients from different industries globally, including SMEs, public listed companies, multinational corporations, universities and government agencies.

Our team comprised of talents from different backgrounds who are fun to work with, and we appreciate colleagues with high integrity, honest, responsible, perseverance and self-disciplined.

We believe in personality comes first and skills can be trained and developed. No matter which position you started off in our firm, you will be given opportunities to learn beyond your job scopes or other areas of business. You will have the firm’s support on career, skill and knowledge development. 

We encourage innovation and flexibility within workplace as long as the jobs are completed within timeline and up to standard. We do not believe in micro-manage. We value our colleagues’ ideas which could improve our firm in all aspects.

Life in IP Gennesis®

#TeamIPGennesis #WorkHard #NeverStopLearning

#TeamIPGennesis #PlayHarder #WhoSaysWorkCannotBeFun

We're Looking for

IP Legal Counsel

Click if you are fun, eager and determined in building career in the IP profession.

IP Legal Intern

Click if you are interested and committed in having an insight about the IP profession

IP Legal Executive

Click if you have a growth mindset, meticulous and committed in the IP profession

Admin Executive

Click if you are able to learn and work fast under high pressure, more importantly, fun to work with

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