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70th Council Meeting & 50th Anniversary of the APAA 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan

Throwback to the 70th Council Meeting of the Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA) 2019 and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the APAA in Taipei.

All these years, the team of IP Gennesis has been working closely with our associates around the world to safeguard our clients’ intellectual property.

Despite the current difficulty caused by COVID-19, it will never cease us, the team of IP Gennesis will continue upholding our vision and mission and work harder to serve our clients.

During this critical period, many of us took a hit, but you are not alone, together, we will grow stronger than ever. Lastly, no matter how busy you are, remember to wash hands, stay home, practise social distancing and protect your IP.

Take care and be well.

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