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Struggling to prove your copyright ownership?

Not sure how to register your copyright?

Overwhelmed and too busy for the intricacies of copyright registration?

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back!

Secure global copyright protection with our expert team! Harness the power of our seasoned professionals experienced in Copyright Laws to safeguard your creative legacy in Malaysia and beyond!

Don’t let legal complexities stifle your creativity. Let us make the process effortless for you!

This could be you

Protection, Profits & Branding

Copyright Registration Can Bring You All


Don't Steal My

Don't Steal My

Don't Steal My

Protection & Exclusivity 

Copyright protection grants you exclusive rights. If someone dares to use your copyrighted work without permission, that’s an infringement and you may take legal action!



Unlock a new revenue stream! With strategically structured business model, you can amplify your income by licensing your copyrights to trusted partners.



The little copyright symbol © is a powerful emblem that elevates the status of your creative works! It instills confidence in your customers, licensees and business partners. It showcases your unwavering commitment to protecting your reputation and ensuring the highest quality for your products.

It’s Simple to Get Started

Quick Facts About Copyright Registration In Malaysia


Works Eligible for Copyright Protection

• Literary Works
• Musical Works
• Artistic Works
• Sound Recordings
• Films
• Broadcasts

How Long To Register?

3 to 12 months from filing up until issuance of certificate, provided it is a smooth process without any office action from Controller of Copyright

Protection Period

For literary, musical & artistic works:
life of author + 50 years

For sound recordings, films & broadcasts:
50 years from the next following year the work was published

What's Needed?

  • Full copy of the work

  • Full name, address and
    ID No. of owner / author

  • ID of owner / author

  • Date of creation and
    publication of the work

Who Can Apply?

Author or owner of the work. Owner can be individual or company (including incorporated and unincorporated body)

Renewal / Maintenance

This is the best part!There’s no need to renew registration! Once registered, it is valid for the entire protection period!

We're Here to Help

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How We're Different

Legally Trained &

Diversified Team

Our team brings a wealth of qualification, knowledge and experience from legal, science and communication fields which is a valuable asset as it helps us in understanding your business from different perspectives.

Client Focused

We are committed in formulating a personalised filing strategy according to your business model that best suits your business and budget.

Global Connection

With more than 100 associates around the globe, we are capable of protecting and commercialising your IP in more than 60 countries, regardless which industry you are in.


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IP Gennesis Sdn Bhd

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No. 10, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,

50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Email :

Mobile : +6016 - 506 6882

Office : +603 – 6411 3607

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