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Global Industrial Design Protection

We provide full range of prosecution and advisory services about industrial design including:-

  1. Registration of industrial design in Malaysia and globally

  2. Industrial design searches and analysis

  3. Licensing of industrial design

  4. Sale and transfer of industrial design

  5. Renewal of industrial design

  6. Industrial design portfolio maintenance and management

  7. Due diligence of industrial design registration

  8. Industrial design litigation support and other advisory services

Quick Facts About Industrial Design

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial Design means features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article by any industrial process or means, being features which in the finished article appeal to and are judged by the eye, as defined by the Industrial Designs Act 1996 of Malaysia

How long is the protection for Industrial Design?

25 years, subject to renewal of every 5 years.

What are the legal requirements for industrial design registration in Malaysia?

  1. The industrial design must be new. The applicant for the design must be careful that it must not disclosed to the public anywhere in Malaysia or elsewhere, prior to filing the industrial design application in Malaysia.
  2. The industrial design must be eye appealing
  3. The industrial design does not include a method or principle of construction; or features of shape or configuration of an article which are dictated solely by the function which the article has to perform; or are dependent upon the appearance of another article of which the article is intended by the author to form an integral part.

How to register industrial design internationally?

There is no unitary system to register an industrial design internationally at the moment. We are required to register industrial design in the desired countries individually. It is important to note that most countries practice the requirement of novelty for industrial design application. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to register the design in the desired country before it is disclosed to the public or within the priority period of Paris Convention.