Global Copyright Protection

We provide full range of advisory services about copyright including:-

  1. Filing copyright voluntary notification in Malaysia

  2. Drafting statutory declaration in support of voluntary notification

  3. Global copyright registration

  4. Licensing or sale of copyright

  5. Copyright portfolio maintenance and management

  6. Due diligence of copyright

  7. Copyright litigation support and other advisory services

Quick Facts About Copyright

What is copyright?

Copyright entitles the owner of a created work the exclusive right to control:-

  1. the reproduction in any material form
  2. the communication to the public
  3. the performance, showing or playing to the public
  4. the distribution of copies to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership
  5. the commercial rental to the public

What are the legal requirements for copyright protection?

Copyright will subsist and protected in literary, musical or artistic work if:-

  1. Sufficient effort has been expended to make the work original in character;
  2. The work has been written down, recorded or otherwise reduced to material form;
  3. Belong to one of the categories of works eligible to copyright protection; and
  4. Complied with qualification of copyright

What are the works eligible for copyright protection?

  1. Literary works
  2. Musical works
  3. Artistic works
  4. Films
  5. Sound recordings
  6. Broadcasts
  7. Translations, adaptations, arrangement and other transformations of a work
  8. Collection of works or mere data by reason of selection and arrangement of their contents

How long is the duration of copyright protection?

For literary, musical or artistic Work, copyright shall continue to subsist until the expiry of a period of 50 years after the death of the author

For sound recording, broadcasts, films, performers’ rights or other published editions, copyright shall continue to subsist until the expiry of a period of 50 years computed from the beginning of the calendar year next following the year in which the work was first published.

How to register a copyright?

The owner of a work can file a Voluntary Notification for copyright protection with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. Upon recordal of the voluntary notification, the Controller of Copyright will issue a certificate for the copyrigh work. The certificate is a prima facie proof of ownership.