Global Trademark Protection

We provide full range of prosecution and advisory services about trademark including:-

  1. Registration of trademark in Malaysia and globally

  2. Trademark searches and analysis

  3. Licensing of trademark

  4. Sale and transfer of trademark

  5. Renewal of trademark

  6. Trademark portfolio maintenance and management

  7. Due diligence of trademark registration

  8. Opposition of trademark registration

  9. Trademark litigation support and other advisory services

Quick Facts About Trademark

What is trademark?

A trademark includes a device, brand, heading, label, ticket, name, signature, word, letter, numeral or any combination thereof, as defined by Malaysian Trade Marks Act 1976.

It is used by business owners to distinguish their goods or services from the competitors.

Why is registration of trademark important?

Simply put, to prevent others using it.

The registered proprietor of a trademark will be granted exclusive right to use the trademark in respect of the goods or services. Anyone uses a registered trademark without the consent of the proprietor constitutes trademark infringement, and the proprietor could sue the infringer for damages and other legal remedies.

How long is the validity of a registered trademark?

Registration of trademark can be valid perpetually provided it is renewed every 10 year.

How to register a trademark in Malaysia?

  1. Identify the goods or services covered under the trademark in order to determine the classification
  2. Conduct pre-filing trademark search to evaluate the registrability (optional)
  3. Determine the owner of the trademark to be registered, it can be personal or company
  4. Submit trademark application, which is on 1 mark 1 class basis
  5. Once the application is accepted (or approved), make an advertisement request for the trademark for public opposition purpose
  6. The trademark will be registered if there is no public opposition within 2 months from the date of advertisement.

How to register trademark internationally?

At the moment, there is no universal system to register a trademark internationally. A trademark owner should register his trademark in the intended countries individually.

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